5×4 Hayes Lane Project : The tiny house with big ideas

Automatic Heating is pleased to be an official Project Partner of the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project.

Named after the physical constraints imposed on the site – a 5m x 4m plot of land in East Melbourne – the project aims to successfully construct an energy efficient residential dwelling to accommodate two people.

Featuring a whole of house, energy-recovery ventilation system, Automatic Heating has supplied free of charge a 170l Thermex storage tank and 18l Duraflex expansion tank to support the home’s ground-coupled heat pump system.

“We liked the idea of supporting a unique initiative like the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project that showcases methods to reduce our buildings’ ecological footprint,” says Managing Director, Nick Waite.

“The aims of the project align with our philosophy of sustainable design and energy efficiency and we are pleased to be part of it.”

For more information about the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project, go to https://www.facebook.com/fivexfour/


The 5×4 Hayes Lane Project is a unique, inner-city dwelling set on a tiny footprint – 5×4 meters! The entire build is designed, built and powered with passive and active eco-driven processes, materials and performance considerations.

The 5×4 Hayes Lane Project demonstrates and encourages discussion around sustainable living, a healthy form of densification in the city of Melbourne and how to achieve it through best practice design and living.

It uses the One Planet Living® principles as its guide for the physical design of the project, adaptation around behaviour to reduce ecological footprints in a city, and acts as a platform to disseminate progress and learnings from the process.

Want more information? Automatic Heating offers a free energy usage appraisal, technical advice and no-obligation consultations on system designs. Contact us at sales@www.automaticheating.com.au or call 1800 337 959.