7 Critical Steps for Pre-Winter Checks

Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to maintaining the performance, efficiency and reliability of your heating system. Automatic Heating Service Manager Daniel Scargill shares his tips on how you can protect your hot water system and prepare for the cold months ahead.
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  1. Review the most recent Service Reports for any issues that may affect reliability over the Winter months.
  2. Check the system pressure. Be sure to do this when the system is cold. Pumps should not be in operation.
  3. Look for water on the plant room floor. Is water discharging from the pressure relief valves?
  4. Check that the pump strainers and filters are clean. Dirt and sediment impede system performance.
  5. Listen to your system. Walk around the plant room or plant deck and listen for unusual noises. Noise may indicate air in the system or equipment failure.
  6. Clean the plant room to ensure dust and spider webs are clear of the air intakes.
  7. Keep equipment manuals accessible together with system codes and reset procedures. Clues to understanding the issue enable the Service Technician to bring the parts required to site.
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