Canberra Next Gen : Where it’s not just Meridian that attains peak performance

Canberra’s Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club in the capital’s inner suburb of Lyneham is the result of a public private partnership with Tennis ACT and the ACT government, and provides a facility like few others.

Ideally located within Canberra’s sporting precinct, and offering some of the most advanced training facilities in the country, Next Gen Canberra features an impressive gymnasium with various training zones and fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools and six squash courts.

A luxurious spa and wellness centre is also available to members, as is access to the Canberra Tennis Centre which features 32 courts including an indoor facility, and surfaces ranging from hard, clay and synthetic grass.

Rounding out the member amenity is a restaurant, bar, business centre and crèche facilities.

Automatic Heating supplied and commissioned nine 150kW Meridian condensing hot water heaters for the centre, which provide heating hot water (HHW) for the gymnasium and pools, as well as central heating across the facility. Meridian Condensing Hot Water Heaters work at very high and constant efficiencies reaching a net efficiency of up to 108.6% enabling seasonal savings up to 35%

The limited footprint available within the plantroom, and the HVAC system’s primary/secondary loop design made the cascaded Meridian’s an ideal, energy efficient alternative to traditional water heater options.

The energy efficiency of the cascaded Meridian Condensing Water Heaters was further enhanced with the installation of the Cascade Control System which provides sequence control of multiple units with BMS feedback. This high level of control achieves an output range of 30kW to 1350kW as each unit has a modulation ratio of 1:5. Energy cost savings using this system are both significant and ongoing as the system responds and adjusts intuitively to varying daily and seasonal heating demands.

Automatic Heating also supplied a number of Duraflex Forte expansion tanks which are designed to maintain constant system pressure in a closed loop system.

Next Gen Canberra opened to the public in June 2015.

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  1. Inbuilt pumps and flow & return headers reduce install time, plantroom space and installation errors.
  2. Cascadeable with BMS Interface option saves plantroom space and provides sequence control of multiple units with BMS feedback
  3. Isolation valves allow service or maintenance work to be carried out without disturbing the cascade arrangement
  4. Australian Certified Type A Appliance means no individual approval inspection is necessary
  5. Tower module available – this module incorporates a secondary pump and expansion tank and is designed to complement the water heating units

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