Multifunction 4 Pipe Heat Pumps

Multifunction 4 pipe Heat Pumps are designed to optimise performance and energy efficiency through the use of additional heat exchangers and intelligent control systems.
Multifunctional heat pumps can operate in cooling only, heating only or in combined mode with any combination of cooling and heating. During combined mode, the 4 pipe system recovers all the energy that would be wasted to the atmosphere. This characteristic allows these units to operate at efficiencies more than twice the usual COP obtained in a traditional chiller or heat-pump system.
Multifunctional units are recommended for all kinds of applications where it is expected to have combined load cooling + heating during certain periods of the year.
Such applications include hospitals, hotels, aquatic centres, stadiums, office buildings, retail stores and other operations where dehumidification is needed.
Multifunction 4 pipe Heat Pump Systems
Automatic Heating’s range of Multifunctional 4 pipe Heat Pumps have multiple scroll compressors and refrigerant circuits for high operation reliability and energy efficiency. The capacities range from 50 kW up to 880 kW with a large operation envelope and complete range of accessories such as noise attenuators, EC fans, soft starters and servicing valves.

It is also possible to use our Multifunctional 4-pipe heat pumps in conjunction with thermal booster water-to-water heat-pumps and raise the hot water temperature to 80°C, fully replacing boilers for DHW or space heating.

Need some help?
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