Engineering the best solution

Automatic Heating is often presented with challenging project parameters. Fortunately, leveraging over 95 years of experience in the HVAC industry enables the team to engineer technical solutions to suit even the most demanding situations.
Modulex diagram

Modulex Condensing Hot Water Heaters are often the answer for projects requiring a high output heating system and efficiency above all else.

Operating at 98 per cent efficiency at low output, Modulex ranges from 95kW to 1200kW. To optimise efficiency, the Modulex range comes equipped with a cascade controller to stage, rotate and cycle the boilers and can accommodate natural gas or LPG.

Featuring multiple burners per unit operating from 22-1200kW, Modulex multi-burner redundancy provides peace of mind for uninterrupted HHW and a program for independent DHW control.

Automatic Heating director, Terry Plaisted, believes it’s Modulex’ numerous features that make it unrivalled in the market.

“The Modulex boiler has the ability for variable flow rate and can be controlled by the water heater allowing the secondary pump to also reduce to lower flow. The shear pumping energy saved is like no other water heater available,” he said.

Each Modulex boiler comes with a Ufly controller with a High-Level Interface and provision for WIFI monitoring. Temperature setpoint reset is also a programable function as required.

The ability to dismantle and reassemble the Modulex range on-site enables installation in buildings where access is limited, and spaces are hard to reach without the additional costs of crane lifts or tenant disruption.

The Modulex range of hot water heaters really does provide an infinitely flexible solution for your next project where high-efficiency heating performance is required.

Added to the performance of Modulex Water Heaters, Automatic Heating has in-house qualified service technicians available to meet your greatest expectations.

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