Automatic Heating supplies a full range of accessories for all types of mechanical equipment installations, with the facility to source the highest quality and watermarked products from leading manufacturers globally.

These world-class products include manual and automatic Air Release Valves, Pressure By-pass Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves with watermark, Flow Switches, Temperature & Pressure Gauges, Safety Relief Valves and much more.

To monitor and subsequently control any HVAC installation is vital to its smooth, efficient operation and longevity so Automatic Heating supplies a full range of pressure and temperature gauges, flow switches and pressure relief valves.

We supply a huge range of gauges and valves. For a current list with detailed specifications please download our latest product solutions guide. The function of the products in the first section is self-evident, the temperature and pressure can be quickly checked using these gauges and remedial action can be taken if adjustments are needed.

Flow switches will detect a presence, lack or rate of any flow. Dependant on the switch or the setup, it will initiate a set procedure to ensure the correct response to the situation is enacted. Pressure release or reducing valves are failsafe devices that protect the equipment should a buildup of pressure occur and are available with or without gauges.

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