AAMI Park (Rectangular Stadium)

Project Overview

Melbourne’s Rectangular Stadium is built for soccer, rugby union and rugby league. With a capacity of over 30,000, the new stadium has a cutting-edge bioframe roof, and its spectacular shape lends a new dimension to Melbourne’s famous sporting precinct stretching along the Yarra River.

In contrast to most countries, many sports stadiums in Australia are oval to accommodate cricket and/or Aussie Rules Football but rectangular is a better fit for rugby and soccer and this stadium fulfills Melbourne’s need for a venue for these sports. In addition, the facility has played host to a number of other events from Taylor Swift concerts to Monster truck rallying.

Impressive Facilities

The roof is a noteworthy feature as it covers the seating area for spectators without any support structures obscuring the view and the construction material that was used allows daylight to pass through it thereby negating shadows on the field of play. It is also fitted with LEDs that can produce an impressive light display.

AAMI Park, to give it it’s commercial title after its sponsors Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, was built with a full complement of corporate hospitality and leisure facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, 1100 seater dining room along with bars, retail outlets and catering areas.

With large crowds expected to visit the stadium following the hype of the grand opening, an efficient heating system required quality products to support the visitor experience. Automatic Heating assisted in the design and supply of much of the behind the scenes equipment that keeps this great addition to Melbourne’s sporting, entertainment and leisure districts operating smoothly.