Breese Street

Community, Sustainability and Urban Living!
Designed by DKO and Breathe, Breese Street by Milieu represents a compelling opportunity for sustainable living. With a collection of 57 one, two and three-bedroom apartments, Breese St supports the enjoyment of daily life in harmony with our environment.

Inspired as always by community, sustainability and the outcomes achieved by Breathe and DKO, Automatic Heating welcomed the opportunity to design, manufacture and supply a solution based sustainable system to service the building's hydronic heating and hot water needs. The solution supported a requirement that the building be fossil fuel-free and carbon neutral in its operation, with a 7.5-star NatHERs sustainability rating.

The effectiveness of Automatic Heating's system not only met the development's sustainability objectives, but it also resulted in cost savings due to a substantial decrease in the power load and consequently the connection required to the building.

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Supporting the sustainability of the system is the energy efficiency achieved by its high temperature operation, the natural CO2 refrigerant and a unique control system providing remote monitoring and optimisation.

At Automatic Heating, we specialize in creating customized solutions to new and existing heating systems. For more details call 1800 337 959.

We’d like to congratulate Breathe, DKO Architecture and Milieu Property on their many award nominations. Breese Street has been shortlisted for sustainability awards with the Victorian Architecture Awards, UDIA Victoria 2021 Awards for Excellence and @housesmagazine Houses Awards. An amazing outcome for all involved with the project, and for the fortunate families who call Breese Street home.

For more information on this exceptional development, visit Breese St by Breathe

Visualisations by Mr P
Photography by Tom Ross
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Revere CO2 Heat Pump Advantages

The same system can be simultaneously used for Space Heating & Domestic Hot Water.

Suits Australian conditions
Accommodates ambient operating temperatures from -5°C to 43°C (Special unit available for -15°C or -20°C).

Eco friendly
The Revere® CO2 Heat Pump uses natural CO₂ refrigerant. This refrigerant has a global warming potential (GWP) of about 1/1700 that of R410 and zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP).

Heats up to 90°C
Due to its innovative design, the Revere® CO2 Heat Pump can produce hot water up to 90°C at low and high ambient temperatures (-20°C to 43°C).