Chadstone Shopping Centre

A recent multi-million dollar expansion at Chadstone Shopping Centre has achieved an Australian first while enhancing the shopping experience for its customers.

Expanding the Fashion Capital

Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs has been a retail icon since it first opened in 1960. As Australia’s largest shopping centre, it attracts 20 million customers each year.

And now a $660 million expansion has marked the 40th stage of the centre’s development.

Opening in October 2016, the new expansion incorporates 34,000m² of retail space including a cinema complex, dining terrace, food gallery and 60 new retail stores.

This new offering is enclosed by a spectacular free spanning “grid shell” roof – the first of its kind in Australia.

Built by Probuild and designed by some of the best engineers and architects from around the world, the roof features 2,700 unique glass panels of various size and shape that collectively weigh more than 500 tonnes.

Approximately 30 metres high, the glass roof creates an atrium-like indoor environment that floods the mall with an abundance of natural light and provides a connection to the outdoors.

Behind the scenes

Away from its busy malls, customers at Chadstone Shopping Centre are kept comfortable by a mechanical services design by consultants Simpson Kotzman and mechanical contractor, D&E Air Conditioning.

The centre features a significant thermal plant that includes two 2400kW and one 1200kW high output Arizona Hot Water Heaters supplied by Automatic Heating.

The Hoyts cinema complex is served exclusively by two 620kW Arizona Hot Water Heaters.

All boilers were craned into position and installed under an outdoor enclosure on the rooftop.

As well as being an energy efficient alternative to standard boilers, the Arizona range were selected for their small footprint relative to their capacity.

They are a high output boiler made entirely of carbon steel, allowing them to operate at different powers within a set range. They also feature three combustion gas passes to improve heat exchange between the combustion gases and the water.

Electronic control was also provided by Automatic Heating to manage combustion as well as the plant’s expansion system. This system incorporates Duraflex Forte expansion tanks and an EcoFill refill unit, also supplied by Automatic Heating.

Automatic Heating was called on to provide in-house expertise to D&E to ensure maximum boiler efficiency was achieved, including the adjustment of water temperatures, continuing the strong relationship between the two companies.


Dual fuel
Available in natural gas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and Dual Fuel options.

Made of carbon steel
The carbon steel construction allows the boiler to operate at different powers within a set range.

Three combustion gas passes

Three combustion gas passes
The cylindrical chamber has a wet back to improve heat exchange between the combustion gases and the water. The front door is lined with specially shaped firebrick to make it easier for the combustion gas to enter the tubes. The combustion gas passes through the tubes at very high speed and turbulence before entering the rear smoke chamber.

Increased heat exchange
Combustion gas turbulence is accentuated by specially designed turbofans that help increase heat exchange.

Project Images

photography by Liquid Photography


Arizona 2400kW x 2 (thermal plant)
Arizona 1200kW x 1 (thermal plant)
Arizona 620kW x 2 (Hoyts cinema complex)

Expansion Tanks:
Duraflex Forte

Refill Units:

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