Northern Hospital

Dual Fuel Heating at Northern Hospital
Intended to meet the demands for quality healthcare in the rapidly expanding communities in Melbourne’s north, the Northern Hospital Inpatient Expansion project represents a significant investment by the Victorian Government.
The development will increase the current building from three floors to seven, adding three new 32-bed wards, three new operating theatres and various improvements to the existing facility.

Heating is provided by 3 x Eurogen 650kW Condensing Water Heaters installed by D&E Air Conditioning. These Eurogen water heaters are powered by dual fuel Enterprise burners which do not require LPG to start. Their operation on either natural gas or diesel meets a hospital’s redundancy needs. In addition to supply of equipment which included diesel tanks and infrastructure for the boiler and burner combination, Automatic Heating also provided assistance with spatial and design layout.

With commissioning and handover completed last month, we’d like to congratulate D&E Air Conditioning on a great installation and thank our service team for a job well done.

Visit Eurogen Condensing Water Heaters for more information, or call 1800 337 959 for project assistance.

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Eurogen Advantages

Fully Stainless Steel
All parts in contact with flue gas or condensate are made from stainless steel to ensure resistance to corrosion.

Certified Efficiency
Eurogen is professionally designed and built to perform to specification. Certified test results prove its efficiency.

No return water temperature limitation
Eurogen accommodates lower return water temperatures and can operate at a ΔT of up to 30°C.