NSW Manufacturing Facility

Electric, eco-friendly and extra capacity!

This post takes us to an industrial hub in NSW, where a global company that produces household staples, health and personal care products, operates a cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

At the heart of its production line are two massive 50,000 litre tanks that store chemical fluid and play a crucial role in the manufacturing process. To maintain the ideal viscosity of the fluid, the tanks' internal and external walls are heated with hot water at a temperature of 75℃.

The existing system consisted of a 20-kilowatt closed-loop hot water system connected to a 3-megawatt steam boiler through plate heat exchangers. The large steam boiler was used to heat other building systems as well, causing energy losses as it had to run continuously even when not needed, just to keep the tanks at the required temperature. Additionally, the size of the heat exchangers was not adequate to sustain the desired water temperature.

Prefab heating system 1

Automatic Heating was commissioned to find an efficient, gas-free, compact, and easy-to-maintain solution. The system needed to be safe to operate near hazardous areas and emit minimal noise, aligning with the company’s green initiative to reduce environmental impact.

A heat pump was initially considered for its low operating cost and environmental impact, but it was deemed unsuitable due to its requirement for quiet operation and installation near a hazardous area. Instead, Automatic Heating installed a 40-kilowatt stainless steel heating system, comprised of multiple electric heating elements and controlled by a Building Management System. With four heating elements, the system produces 40 liters per minute of hot water at 75℃, enough to maintain the required temperature of the chemical fluid continuously.

The tight deadline posed a challenge for fabrication, as the plant shutdown was imminent. To overcome this, the team of engineers modified a readily available tank and connected it with stainless steel pipework, and installed the heaters, pumps, and controller on a compact, galvanized skid frame, ensuring all major components were accessible away from the hazardous area. The result was a custom-made solution delivered in just three weeks, ahead of schedule and providing significant savings for the company.

The NSW manufacturing facility project showcases Automatic Heating’s ability to provide fast and efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Project Images

Key Products

Thermex Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Superior Quality Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel
  • Smooth tube coil construction for durability and performance
  • Butt Welded process used on all joins
  • Large coil surface areas
  • No sacrificial anodes required
  • 100% pickled and passivated
  • Thick insulation polyurethane foam layer λ = 0,022 W/mK
  • Optional backup electric heating element