Preston City Hall

Retrofit Revolution: Preston City Hall Embraces Electric Heating and Cooling!

Automatic Heating is proud to have contributed to the retrofit project at Preston City Hall, a historic building constructed in 1929. To decarbonize the existing heating system, gas boilers were replaced with an efficient heat pump solution capable of both heating and cooling.

Our team provided expert insights and system design, which culminated in strategically mounting four Revere AHGR32AW Inverter Air-to-Water Heat Pumps on the rooftop. Known for their efficiency and adaptability, these heat pumps were connected to wall-mounted buffer tanks and Climateline wall-mounted FCUs, providing both heating and cooling to the building.

The system’s design allows for staged heating and cooling with low load control, offering a flexible and responsive temperature control strategy with fast outcomes. This project showcases our commitment to innovative solutions that embrace modern engineering principles while preserving the integrity of historic structures.

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Key Advantages of the Revere AHGR32AW Series Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Advanced EVI DC Inverter Technology
    The advanced EVI DC Inverter technology provides superior energy efficiency and precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort and reduced energy costs.
  • Optimal Performance in Extreme Cold
    Designed to excel in harsh climates, this heat pump maintains consistent heating, cooling, and hot water supply even in extremely cold conditions, giving you peace of mind year-round.
  • Versatile Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Functions
    Experience the convenience of a multi-functional unit that seamlessly provides heating, cooling, and hot water, ensuring comprehensive climate control solutions.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency
    Backed by rigorous laboratory testing in line with the ErP test standard, the unit boasts an impressive A++ energy rating. This translates to significant energy bill savings and a commendable reduction in environmental impact.