Quay West Hotel

Project Overview

The Quay West Hotel in Sydney is superbly situated in the historic Rocks area, overlooking Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s dramatic cityscape. The 96 all-suite, superb 5-star hotel has extensive en-suite services and facilities.

The Rocks was one of the first areas to be developed after colonization and has undergone many changes in the intervening years. It has not always been a desirable neighbourhood but it’s proximity to the iconic landmarks of Sydney’s skyline have ensured its rise in popularity in recent times.

The hotel consists of one and two bedroom suites for a home away from home feel but with the addition of more spectacular views than those of your average house. Each one of these suites benefits from the height of creature comforts and we are proud to say we supplied some of them during a recent overhaul of the infrastructure. The fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms are never without hot water thanks to the carefully designed systems maintained by products from our range.

Automatic Heating supplied the equipment for this major mechanical services upgrade, resulting in considerable savings in energy usage on site. Modulex Condensing Boilers provide unparalleled efficiency in comparison to conventional boilers and include built-in redundancy and high turn-down ratios thanks to its unique multi-burner design. The pumps, expansion tanks and air and dirt separators listed below also comprise crucial elements and ensure the ongoing integrity and performance of the overall system.