Scotch College Purruna Spencer Newton Centre

Surpassing sustainable design

An inspiring establishment that pushes the boundaries of sustainable design to create a structure that not only minimises environmental impact but actively contributes to the restoration and renewal of the surrounding ecosystem

Purruna Spencer Newton Centre is Scotch College’s newest well-being and sports centre located on its campus in Torrens Park, Adelaide. The centre is named after a former chair of the college, Raymond Spencer, the previous principal, Dr John Newton, and the Kaurna word "Purruna," which means well-being.

The state-of-the-art $27-million sports centre features a 25-metre lap pool, a separate program pool for young swimmers, a Pilates studio, and a stadium court. In addition, the centre offers multi-purpose consultation spaces, modern change rooms, and a stunning café with an incredible view of Adelaide.

Operated by the YMCA, a nonprofit community-based provider of aquatics and recreation management, the centre offers a range of programs and services including swimming lessons, yoga, pilates, vinyasa, and aquafit, among others— all aimed to enhance the physical and mental well-being of both the college community and the public.

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Regenerative Design

Scotch College Exterior

Inspired by the Kaurna people, the centre’s name represents a word that gives life, highlighting the centre’s vision to strengthen individuals, families, and communities to connect in a wise and knowledgeable way, both with each other and the land.

True to this vision, the Purruna Spencer Newton Centre has been engineered to push the boundaries of sustainable design to create a structure that not only minimises environmental impact but actively contributes to the restoration and renewal of the surrounding ecosystem.

This regenerative design approach follows the Living Building Challenge (LBC) framework— a green building certification platform that aims to create buildings that generate more energy than they use, treat all water on site, use healthy materials, and provide spaces that connect occupants with nature.

This certification— which encompasses seven performance areas, including Place, Water, Energy, Health and Happiness, Materials, Equity, and Beauty— has yet to be attained in Australia.

In line with this framework, the centre has been designed to maximise the utilisation of renewable energy sources through the use of rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, and optimise building performance by incorporating passive building elements into the building’s design. Additionally, a pool filtration system and a rainwater collection system have been employed to minimise water waste.

Efficient Pool Heating

Scotch College Pool_1

To ensure comfortable swimming temperatures all year round, the Purruna Spencer Newton Centre commissioned Automatic Heating to provide an efficient and eco-friendly heating solution for their 25-metre lap pool and program pool.

Three Revere CHP-080Y CO2 heat pumps were selected to power the system. These heat pumps use supercritical carbon dioxide natural refrigerant, which has no negative impact on the ozone layer and a very low global warming potential of 1.0. With a maximum heat output of 78.4 kW for each unit and an average COP of 3.9, these heat pumps produce heat much more efficiently than traditional gas-fired pool heaters and are designed for ultra-quiet operation at only 60 dBa.

Revere CHP-080Y heat pumps have a programmable function for off-peak usage and a defrost solenoid valve to prevent icing. In addition, their high water output temperature of up to 90°C allows the reduction of the necessary storage tank size, and their Y-frame design saves 30% more space than the usual rectangular frame.

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Scotch College Pool_2

The Purruna Spencer Newton Centre is a testament to Automatic Heating’s commitment to providing the best heating solutions and supporting projects that go even beyond sustainability.

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Key Products

Revere CO2 Heat Pumps
  • Flexible
    The same system can be simultaneously used for Space Heating & Domestic Hot Water.
  • Suits Australian conditions
    Accommodates ambient operating temperatures from -5°C to 43°C (Special unit available for -15°C or -20°C).
  • Eco friendly
    The Revere® CO2 Heat Pump uses natural CO₂ refrigerant. This refrigerant has a global warming potential (GWP) of about 1/1700 that of R410 and zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP).
  • Heats up to 90°C
    Due to its innovative design, the Revere® CO2 Heat Pump can produce hot water up to 90°C at low and high ambient temperatures (-20°C to 43°C).