State Basketball Centre

A Slam Dunk in Sustainability!

The State Basketball Centre’s $132 million upgrade has made it one of Australia’s top sports facilities, supporting over 2 million annual visitors!

In partnership with WSP Consulting, we’ve implemented an eco-friendly DHW system comprising the Revere CO2 High Temperature Heat Pump and Thermex tanks, setting new standards in sustainability and efficiency.

This project not only boosts local sports but also showcases our commitment to green technology and community development. Discover how we’re changing the game in facility management and supporting the growth of basketball and gymnastics in Victoria.

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Project Overview:

The State Basketball Centre in Wantirna South, City of Knox, has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the Victorian State Government’s $132 million upgrade. This project, completed between 2021 and 2023, has established the facility as one of Australia’s leading basketball venues, supporting both local and elite levels of basketball and gymnastics. The upgrade, a response to the growing demand for quality sporting facilities, was designed to accommodate over 2 million visitors annually, a substantial increase from the 800,000 visits before the redevelopment.

Client and Partners:

The project was a collaborative effort involving Sport and Recreation Victoria, City of Knox, State Sports Centres, Basketball Victoria, Melbourne Boomers, Knox Basketball Incorporated, South East Melbourne Phoenix, and Basketball Australia, along with Knox Gymnastics.

Heating Solutions by Automatic Heating:

To support the centre’s extensive use and environmental goals, Automatic Heating provided cutting-edge heating solutions for Domestic Hot Water, including the Revere CO2 Heat Pump model CHP-080Y2 and Thermex tanks. These solutions were chosen for their efficiency, sustainability, and ability to meet the high-volume demands of the facility.

Challenges and Solutions:

The main challenge was to install a DHW heating system that could handle the increased capacity while being environmentally sustainable. The Revere CO2 Heat Pump, with its high efficiency and use of natural refrigerant, offered a solution that reduced the centre’s carbon footprint and operational costs. The Thermex tanks provided durable and efficient hot water storage, essential for the facility’s expanded use.

Benefits Delivered:
  • Sustainability: The use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant in the heat pumps significantly reduced the centre’s environmental impact.
  • Efficiency: The high COP of the Revere heat pumps ensured lower energy consumption, aligning with the project’s goal to increase efficiency.
  • Capacity: The Thermex tanks, available in sizes up to 5000L, were able to meet the high demand for hot water, crucial for the centre’s expanded facilities.
  • Local Support: In line with the project’s commitment to local sourcing, Automatic Heating’s solutions complemented the use of locally manufactured materials in the construction.
2. State Basketball Centre
7. State Basketball Centre
Project Impact:

The heating solutions provided by Automatic Heating played a pivotal role in the redevelopment of the State Basketball Centre, ensuring it could meet the needs of an increasing number of visitors and athletes. The project not only supports the growth of basketball and gymnastics in Victoria but also sets a benchmark for sustainable and efficient facility management in the sports sector.


The State Basketball Centre’s upgrade, with the support of Automatic Heating’s eco-friendly and efficient solutions, exemplifies how modern technology can be leveraged to meet the growing demands of community sports facilities while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.
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Key Advantages of the Revere CO2 Air to Water Heat Pump

Revere CO2 Heat Pumps
  • Flexible
    The same system can be simultaneously used for Space Heating & Domestic Hot Water.
  • Suits Australian conditions
    Accommodates ambient operating temperatures from -5°C to 43°C (Special unit available for -15°C or -20°C).
  • Eco friendly
    The Revere® CO2 Heat Pump uses natural CO₂ refrigerant. This refrigerant has a global warming potential (GWP) of about 1/1700 that of R410 and zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP).
  • Heats up to 90°C
    Due to its innovative design, the Revere® CO2 Heat Pump can produce hot water up to 90°C at low and high ambient temperatures (-20°C to 43°C).

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