Reflex Servitec: Protect your investment with Vacuum Deaeration

Corrosion and system inefficiency are serious – yet easily avoidable – side-effects of gases found in cooling, heating and condenser systems. Gases like oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen can react with various metals throughout the system, leading to widespread corrosion.

Known as vacuum deaeration, the removal of gases eliminates the corrosive effects on various system components, leading to overall efficiency gains and the extended lifespan of equipment. Air vents and relief valves can expel free air but are unable to remove microbubbles or fully solubilised gases from the water stream.

Life cycle costs are an important factor in the selection and installation of plant technologies; why wouldn’t you and your client protect valuable investments from poor performance, damage and early degradation?

European Ingenuity Takes Australia By Storm

Used in Europe for decades, vacuum deaerators are not only easy to retrofit into an existing system, but deliver instant savings by removing almost all gases in the system water, improving system efficiency.

Now in Australia, Reflex Servitec units have been successfully employed in a range of applications, from centrally-heated and cooled residential and commercial buildings, to hospital district heating systems and airports.

Vacuum deaeration is now in high demand for new installations and retrofits: in new systems they make the commissioning programme quicker and easier.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Reflex Servitec

1. Simple and inexpensive to install
Reflex Servitec units install directly in-line with the system via two sockets – avoiding the expensive installation and maintenance of many decentralised mechanical air separators.

2. No cumbersome bleeding
This unique system relies on the onboard controls that fit in seamlessly with building management systems to provide automatic, optimal operations management.

3. Sizes to suit all systems
Servitec is available in five models, for systems under 1m3 and 2.5 bar operating pressure through to 100m3 and 7.2 bar operating pressure. Devices can be custom-built where systems exceed volumes of 100m3.

4. Eliminates multiple sources of gas
Whether gases are already present in system water or entering via the makeup water, diffusion or from chemical reactions, the uniquely-designed vacuum spray tube expels gases through very fine spraying into the free vacuum cylinder.

5. Eliminates unwanted gas before it enters the system
With the addition of the optional fillset, makeup water is controlled via the Servitec and degassed prior to entering the system, eliminating one likely source of unwanted gas.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Protect Your Investment

With almost all gases eliminated from a heating, chilled or condenser water system, the incidence of dirt is reduced, corrosion is limited and the system is able to operate as designed. Whole-of-system efficiency is improved, the life of your plant is extended and ongoing maintenance requirements are reduced, lowering operating costs.

Protect your investment. Specify a Reflex Servitec on your next project and see why vacuum deaeration is a must-have component on any heating, cooling or condenser water system.

Reflex Servitec Vacuum Deaeration systems

System Volumes:

Maximum Pressure:

Maximum Temperature:

BMS Compatible:

Up to 1,000,000 litres

1600 kpa