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Commercial Heating Systems in Adelaide

Automatic Heating Global Pty Ltd is one of the countries leading suppliers of commercial heating, hot water, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and support/accessory equipment. We are active all over the country and have several projects under our belt in South Australia and Adelaide in particular.

Adelaide takes its name from the Queen Consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom who reigned at the time of its proclamation as a British settlement in 1836. The city is the fifth largest in the country with over one million inhabitants and the vast majority of Southern Australians residing in Adelaide over other parts of the state. The city is judged to be in the top places to live in the world on a regular basis and is renowned for its festivals, sporting events and long sandy beaches.

Health Sector and Welfare

The health and care sector in Adelaide is larger than any other and this is reflected in our portfolio. The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) being one of the most striking examples of projects that we have been involved in.


Other projects include the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and Flinders University at Tonsley with sporting development too in the shape of the South Australia Aquatic & Leisure Centre and the world famous Adelaide Oval.

Automatic Heating has supplied commercial heating systems, including condensing boilers and associated HVAC equipment to many building services projects in the Adelaide region. A selection of these projects is listed below.

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Recent projects in Adelaide region

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