276 Flinders Street

Project Overview

Modulex on duty!

Like two guards standing sentinel against the backdrop of the early morning Melbourne skyline, these 2 x 440kW Modulex condensing water heaters now grace the rooftop of Riverview House at 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

We’d like to pay tribute to Stephen King at Pro Air Systems for a very good install job with lots of care taken. Our thanks to Daniel Blackall too for the photo and congrats on his photography skills.

These advanced Modulex water heaters will indeed safeguard the hot water supply at Riverview House. Boasting the highest efficiency of any condensing water heater on the market, Modulex has an excellent record for performance and reliability. The Modulex 440kW features 4 inbuilt burners which provide modulation all the way down to 22kW and built-in redundancy.

And in case the update hadn’t hit your radar, the Modulex range now includes 1,000, 1,100 and 1,200kW models, offering up to 1:54 modulation!

Head over to our Modulex page for the full specs or to submit a quote request.

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Modulex boilers at 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne