Aquamoves Lakeside Shepparton

Eight lanes and 880kW!
This olympic-sized 50m outdoor pool at Aquamoves Lakeside Shepparton, presents an inviting challenge to many budding champions in this beautiful region of northern Victoria.
And it just got more inviting with a heating plant upgrade featuring 2 x 440kW Modulex EXT condensing water heaters. Special installation measures were adopted to reduce risk of flood damage in the event of extreme weather events. Ideal for this outdoor installation, Modulex boasts a variable flow rate which maintains the water heater in condensing mode, thus optimising efficiency. Add to this the 0-10v set point and the ability to remotely control the output of the water heaters via HLI, and you can see why Modulex EXT easily owns the title of the most efficient condensing water heater in Australia.

Servicing the pool heating needs of this sports-loving nation has been our forte for many, many decades. With a large range of high efficiency water heaters in stock and the ability to supply a complete package including expansion systems and water treatment, Automatic Heating remains the #1 supplier for your pool heating needs and great installation.

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Modulex Advantages

High turndown ratio of 39:1
This provides significant energy savings, particularly for part load or low load requirements. It also stops boiler cycling and contributes to its very quiet operation.

Variable Water Flow rate
Allows the boiler to operate at a constant 20°ΔT – maintaining the boiler at the most efficient duty point.

Small space saving footprint
This makes it easy to install in plant rooms where floor space is at a premium.

Multi burner construction
If one burner requires maintenance, the other burners can continue to operate, providing built-in redundancy.