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Best of both worlds with a hybrid solution!

Hyatt Regency’s Domestic Hot Water System upgrade, featuring Meridian Condensing Boilers and Revere CO2 Heat Pumps.

Located beside the Darling Harbour in the Central Business District, Hyatt Regency is Sydney’s largest upscale hotel with 892 well-equipped guestrooms, events spaces, restaurants, and amenities, occupying a total of 60,300 sqm gross floor area. Aiming to revitalize the city’s western fringe, this 5-star hotel was redeveloped by COX Architecture to improve the quality of hotel accommodation in the area. In line with this move, Automatic Heating was tapped to upgrade the domestic hot water system of the 27-storey tower hotel.

The solution was to install six additional 150-kW Meridian compact condensing boilers coupled with two new 15-kW CO2 heat pumps, which would be used for low-load applications during off-peak hours. These were incorporated to the existing three 150-kW Meridian condensing boilers, already installed a month prior, and a 900-kW Raypak heater, which was converted into a direct hot water boiler that would serve as an emergency backup. Moreover, the existing two 100-kW HVAC heat exchangers that are feeding into air handlers were reconfigured to be connected to the new Meridian boilers, instead of feeding from the domestic hot water lines.

Aside from the boiler upgrade, ten new 500-L Thermex stainless steel tanks were installed to serve as the main domestic hot water storage, together with two 300-L tanks that were coupled to the two CO2 heat pumps. The existing old 50,000-L panel tank, which was found to be at its end of life and could potentially leak anytime, was made redundant instead of removing it completely.

As Sydney’s largest premium hotel, it is fitting to use Meridian condensing boilers that are known to be much more efficient and environment-friendly than traditional boilers because they utilize the heat from exhaust gases, which would otherwise have been wasted in traditional boilers. Efficiency of this type of boiler averages 95%, and Meridian condensing boilers, in particular, are equipped with stainless steel heat exchanger, in-built pump, flow & return headers, and BMS interface option, making it one of the most durable, scaleable, and versatile models in the market.

In addition, the CO2 heat pumps provide the system an environment-friendly backup heating that could be used during off-peak hours, allowing the boilers to cycle off while reducing gas usage. CO2 heat pumps are highly efficient heat pumps that use supercritical carbon dioxide as refrigerant. This allows heat transfer across a wider range of temperature than conventional heat pumps, while achieving higher efficiencies as well.

Automatic Heating would like to thank Hyatt Regency and all involved parties for entrusting us a notable project like this.

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