Southgate Shopping Centre

Project Overview

Looking North across the Yarra river towards the historic Flinders Street Station and Melbourne’s city centre, the Southgate Shopping Centre comprises an impressive and unique retail, restaurant and entertainment precinct with units arranged over three levels. As well as being a haven for art on the south bank the centre boasts a range of bars, eateries and cafes. The licensed riverside food court features food from the four corners of the globe and with over thirty menus to choose from, there’s surely one to suit every taste.

With over a quarter of a century of history, the center has become the hub for Melbourne’s cultural and artistic sector, even playing host to the iconic work “Ophelia” a large mosaic sculpture by Deborah Halpern. The centre was built in the early Nineties but recently underwent a reappraisal of its infrastructure to see if technology has advanced enough to make an update viable.

After an initial consultation we recommended a plan of action and when the project was approved Automatic Heating provided the equipment for this major mechanical services refurbishment, resulting in considerable reduction in energy costs for the site.

The system was protected from pressure fluctuations and back-flow by expansion tanks and a Duraflex EcoFill Refill Unit. The projected longevity of the pipework and consequently the more delicate machinery and working parts was ensured by air and dirt separators which will save money in the long run on maintenance and repair. The day-to-day savings were achieved by switching to high efficiency condensing boilers which offer advanced performance features and significant savings on running costs.