Prefabricated Heating and Hot Water Package Systems

Optimise Your Commercial Heating and Hot Water Systems with Prefabrication

Automatic Heating Global offers custom designed, prefabricated commercial heating and domestic hot water system packages. These skid mounted systems provide numerous benefits over traditional on-site construction, making them an ideal choice for hydraulic engineers, property managers, mechanical engineers, and plumbing contractors.

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Advantages of Prefabricated Heating and Hot Water Systems

  • Improved efficiency and accuracy in a controlled factory environment
  • Consistent quality, tighter joints, better air filtration and insulation
  • Shorter project timelines and higher plant efficiency
  • Pre-commissioning and testing prior to site delivery for smoother final commissioning
  • Modular and flexible design allows for future relocation
  • Reduced on-site traffic, allowing other trades to work more efficiently
  • Enhanced worker safety by minimizing exposure to on-site hazards
  • Cost savings through optimized labor productivity and lower transportation costs

Automatic Heating's Prefabricated Solutions

Revere CO2 Heat Pump Packages

  • High efficiency operation, even at low ambient temperatures
  • Average COP of up to 4.2
  • Fossil fuel free operation
  • CO2 refrigerant with zero ozone-depleting potential
  • WaterMark approved
  • Customizable to meet project-specific peak hot water demands
1. Monash Uni Building 48
Meridian prefab heating system

Skid Mounted Condensing Water Heater Packages

  • Preassembled and pre-commissioned skid frame and platform
  • Rapid on-site installation and commissioning
  • Significant energy savings over conventional systems
  • Proven performance in projects like the Harold Holt Swim Centre

Benefits of Choosing Automatic Heating's Prefabricated Systems

  1. Expertise in designing and manufacturing prefabricated heating systems and prefabricated hot water systems
  2. Customized solutions tailored to meet project-specific requirements
  3. Proven track record in delivering high-quality skid mounted boiler packages and CO2 heat pump packages
  4. Experienced systems design team available for consultation and support

Automatic Heating’s experienced systems design team is available to provide consultation and quotations for your prefabricated commercial hot water heating system needs. Contact us at 1800 019 265 to discuss your project requirements and discover how our prefabricated heating and hot water package systems can benefit your next project.

Revere CO2 Heat Pump and tanks at Monash University