231 Elizabeth Street

Project Overview

Meridian Condensing Boilers, a tried and tested favorite!

For retrofits and upgrades, we do have a liking for Meridian boilers, and for very good reason. Their versatility and scalability suits so many projects and this one was no exception. Among other improvements, Charter Hall’s upgrade of their 15 level office tower at 231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, included fully upgraded services and end of trip facilities.

Partnering with Automatic Heating Global, Climatech installed 8 x 150kW Meridian Condensing Water Heaters in cascade and connected via a hydraulic separator. Featuring a common flue and inbuilt primary pumps, Meridian units provide an energy efficient and cost effective solution with built in redundancy. Sequence controllers also provide duty cycling to maximise the life of the boilers.

Meridian’ compact size and ability to be bolted together on site or on a prefabricated frame make them ideal for both new and retrofit installations.

The project also included high quality pumps manufactured to a strict specification which ensures they meet the demands of the harsh Australian environment.

Automatic Heating Global would like to congratulate Climatech Group and Trent Moran on a great outcome.

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