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Automatic Heating supplies trusted heating solutions designed to provide hot water reliably and efficiently for all types of commercial applications. This includes space heating, pool heating and domestic hot water for both new and retrofit installations.

Projects of any scale or complexity are accommodated and location is not an issue, since we cover all States of Australia. Examples of projects for which we have supplied boilers and ancillary products can be seen in our Project Portfolio pages.

Each type of boiler comes in a range of sizes with features designed to meet various heating demands or applications. Our Water Heater Selection page provides assistance with boiler selection based on Efficiency, Output (kW) and Fuel Type.

Industry leading products and professional expertise

Having manufactured, sold, commissioned and serviced boilers in Australia since 1926, Automatic Heating has not only built a solid and respected reputation in the industry; they have refined their range of boilers to bring the best boiler technology available in the world to the Australian market.

This technology, combined with industry leading knowledge and technical support ensures that Automatic Heating remains at the forefront of commercial hot water heating systems in Australia.

We invite you to take advantage of our expertise by booking a free consultation with one of our boiler consultants today. After discussing your project and heating requirements, they will recommend a heating solution designed to save you time and money.

Energy efficiency audits are also available to check your current usage and calculate the payback period for any recommended upgrade. Payback period refers to the period of time required to recoup the funds expended in the investment.

Book a free consultation via the web form to ensure you get the best outcome and energy savings for your project.

Our range of hot water boilers can be explored in more detail below.

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