Brunswick Baths

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Project Overview

The Brunswick Baths complex is of local historical and architectural Significance. The facility has long been a key recreational focus for Brunswick and was for many years host to the Victorian swimming championships. The Baths reflected the latest in swimming pool design and technology and was once regarded as the finest complex of its type in Australia.

Redevelopment of the Heritage Brunswick Baths includes new 22-metre indoor pool, water play pool, spa, sauna and steam room. A new external 8 lane 50-metre pool and splash pad with sun shading provides state of the art aquatic facilities for the local community. Daycare/program, Wellness, RPM, Group Fitness, Cardio Room and Gymnasium areas complete the leisure program.

Automatic Heating provided some specialist equipment for heating the pool and other amenities. The powerhouse comes from the Modulex Condensing Hot Water Heaters that add significantly to the system’s efficiency by condensing the exhaust gases.
Backflow and cross-contamination are prevented by a Duraflex EcoFill Refill Unit with automatic refilling from a non-corrosive supply tank and pressure pump. Long coupled centrifugal pumps, that join the motor to the pump via a longer shaft and Stainless Steel Flue Systems keep the whole system operating properly.

Preventive measures are in place to ensure longevity of the system in the form of Duraflex Forté expansion tanks which cope with system volume pressure variations and Hydraulic Separators which deaerate and remove dirt particles from the system water to reduce corrosion.