Rialto Towers

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Located in the heart of the Melbourne Central Business District, Rialto Towers are an icon of Melbourne’s skyline. The award-winning architecture and intelligent design offer an unparalleled working environment, complemented by the best that the prestigious location has to offer. It was built in the Eighties but has had regular upgrades over the years to keep its reputation as one of the most prestigious addresses on Melbourne’s skyline.

The two towers are of unequal height but when completed in 1986, the tallest was unparalleled in stature as an office building in the Southern Hemisphere. Up until 2005, the 1254 step, gruelling Rialto Run-up was held there due to its immense height, an assent of 242 meters. This was inspired by a similar event at the Empire State Building and the winner of the Rialto race was awarded a trip to test their mettle in the New York event.

Automatic Heating has supplied equipment for several mechanical services upgrades over the past 20 years. Some of the products we supplied included Arizona boilers which give improved heat exchange between the combustion gases and the water that is to be heated. The pump-controlled Duraflex EcoPress Pressurisation System combines highly effective control of both system pressure and system deaeration. While maintaining system pressure within very restricted limits, it also deaerates the system water and protects system components from oxygen-induced corrosion.

The system is backed up by various secondary pieces of equipment such as Grundfos Long Coupled Pumps, Thermex Plate Heat Exchangers that adapt to your requirements and Duraflex EcoFill Automatic Refill Units that combine Backflow Prevention with automatic refilling to prevent cross-contamination.

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