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Automatic Heating is a leading nationwide solutions provider for the smooth operation of Water based Heating, Cooling & Energy Systems in Building Services.

We are ideally positioned to provide professional advice, world-class equipment and proven methods to optimise your systems performance and energy savings.


Condensing and Conventional
Water Heaters

With nearly a century in the industry, Automatic Heating has the knowledge, experience and customer-centric work ethic to operate successfully in today’s market. We specialize in Condenssing Water Heaters & Boilers and commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC). We also provide hands-on support and complete design assistance on a project-by-project basis.

Technical Support and After
Sales Service

Our commitment to you extends past the sales and design process and into the support phase where assistance from our Technical Design Team is available whenever you need it. Our objective is to use industry advancements in hydronics, HVAC, energy collection/generation and related fields to offer long service life, best-in-class performance, high energy efficiency and genuine commercial value.

Our in-house design and installation experts partner with consultants, to assist and promote with best practice system design.

Every building has different characteristics that need to be considered when a heating, cooling, or hot water generation system is being designed.
We always adhere to our policy of advising for all applications of all products within our extensive range.
The result of our involvement in your project will be the correct use of each component in the overall scheme, producing a synergistically cooperative overall system that will integrate with any existing infrastructure.
Make use of our expertise via the forms dotted around our website or by emailing or telephoning us directly on 1800 337 959.

Condensing Water Heaters

High Efficiency and Ultimate
Installation Flexibility


Two short videos on a couple of our major product lines.

Firstly, the Meridian Condensing Boiler’s space saving and ease of maintenance attributes make it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor installations in a range of buildings and locations.

Secondly, we showcase a presentation of the Modulex Ext Condensing Water Heater which can also be used in internal or external installations and currently holds the title of the most efficient condensing boiler currently available in Australia.

Our Brands

Automatic Heating is pleased to represent the following Global brands.

As leading forces for quality and innovation in the commercial HVAC sector for many years, these trusted manufacturers continue to open up new horizons in heating and cooling technology and sustainability.


Brown Brothers Milawa Winery Project

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Monday 13th May heralded the launch of the Large Energy User Electrification Support Program in Victoria. Automatic Heating was thrilled to welcome Minister Lily D’Ambrosio MP to their Epping head office for this significant event. The program aims to help more businesses go electric and reduce their energy bills by ... Read More


The goal of net zero emissions is a global movement and the built environment has a huge role to play. Buildings contribute about a quarter of the country’s total emissions and, compared to other industries, they provide the most attractive opportunities to drive down this number. Emissions from heavy industries ... Read More


The challenges in finding the right hot water heat pump solution involve much more than the equipment. For projects requiring carbon neutral heating or hot water systems, it helps to work with a supplier that has the ability to design and engineer a solution that will achieve the desired ... Read More


What are the key considerations when specifying heat pumps? In this series we unpack common questions raised in the search for carbon neutral heating solutions. This month, we explore the process to electrify projects and the journey to specifying heat pumps for domestic hot water and space heating. One ... Read More


Need to deliver a carbon-neutral built environment? Delivering carbon neutral buildings can raise concerns regarding specifying new heating technologies. In this series, we address questions commonly asked by mechanical engineers and consultants requiring sustainable project outcomes. Nightingale Housing founder, Jeremy McLeod discusses the pathway to a carbon-neutral built environment. ... Read More
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Automatic Heating is often presented with challenging project parameters. Fortunately, leveraging over 95 years of experience in the HVAC industry enables the team to engineer technical solutions to suit even the most demanding situations. Modulex Condensing Hot Water Heaters are often the answer for projects requiring a high ... Read More


Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to maintaining the performance, efficiency and reliability of your heating system. Automatic Heating Service Manager Daniel Scargill shares his tips on how you can protect your hot water system and prepare for the cold months ahead. ... Read More
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Now in our 95th year, we decided it was time for a refresh! Our abstracted ‘A’ brand icon reflects partnership, energy flow and direction, working together toward a common goal. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, it embodies our values and commitment to collaboration, creating the best outcomes and long-term ... Read More
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At Automatic Heating Global (AHG), we care about the wellbeing of our people and our extended community, which includes our clients, service providers and contractors, and we want to provide you assurance that we are operating as business as usual and are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. As ... Read More


The topic of carbon emissions waxes and wanes in the public consciousness but it hasn’t gone away. The amounts pumped into the atmosphere stayed fairly level for a few years but 2018 saw a large increase to the tune of 37.1 gigatonnes. That’s a huge, unsustainable amount but how do ... Read More
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Annual Boiler Service The old adage “a stitch in time, saves nine” is almost an understatement in the context of boiler maintenance. With boilers often in constant service and fulfilling critical heating functions within buildings – ranging from domestic residences to major airports – it makes sense to keep them running ... Read More
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An Opportunity for Savings Automatic Heating presents an infographic on the potential savings available to Australia’s commercial sector through the use of superior high efficiency condensing boiler technology as compared to conventional boilers. According to studies by Pitt & Sherry, the proportion of the total gas used that produces heating and hot ... Read More
Modulex EXT


In this article, we’ll be answering a question often encountered in the industry: whether condensing boilers offer a benefit in retrofit 80°C/60°C installations.
16/03/2017Paul Bannister


In this article we look at how the savings are actually better than just the improved combustion efficiency, due to better part load performance and lower operating temperatures.
17/11/2016Paul Bannister


Condensing water heaters achieve higher energy efficiency than standard boilers by condensing the water vapour in the flue gasses and using the latent energy recovered through this process to heat the return water. The condensate produced is highly acidic and requires treatment before discharging to waste.


This is the first of an enlightening series of articles on Condensing Boilers contributed by Dr Paul Bannister, a thought leader and public speaker on energy and energy efficiency issues in Australia.
05/10/2016Paul Bannister


Firex boilers are an efficient means of heating buildings in rural areas, particularly where no natural gas is available and where LPG is considered too expensive. This case study evaluates installation of a 55kW Firex boiler to provide heating for a residence in Trentham.


Without doubt one of the most advanced condensing water heaters of its kind, Meridian offers a host of features designed to enhance performance and ease of installation. Being truly compact, versatile and highly efficient, Meridian has proved its worth in many new and retrofit installations. This video explains how Meridian Condensing ... Read More


Where redundancy is required for critical heating processes, such as the ongoing operation of health care facilities, dual fuel burners can provide uninterrupted operation in the event of a primary fuel disruption. In some applications where boilers provide heating hot water, domestic hot water and steam – such as hospitals ... Read More


An emerging trend in new buildings and major refurbishments; End-of-Trip facilities are typically identified as shower, bathroom and storage facilities for people biking to work. From a leasing perspective though, these facilities have now become a significant draw card for blue chip tenants and some fitouts are superb.


Automatic Heating is pleased to be an official Project Partner of the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project. Named after the physical constraints imposed on the site – a 5m x 4m plot of land in East Melbourne – the project aims to successfully construct an energy efficient residential dwelling to accommodate ... Read More
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Canberra’s Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club in the capital’s inner suburb of Lyneham is the result of a public private partnership with Tennis ACT and the ACT government, and provides a facility like few others. Ideally located within Canberra’s sporting precinct, and offering some of the most advanced training ... Read More


Companies using gas as an energy source in NSW would to do well to consider the current offer for Gas Efficiency Funding from the NSW Government. With grants up to $40,000 available for sites with an annual gas usage of over 1000 GJ this program aims to help the planned ... Read More
Crowne Plaza Hotel


A property wide commitment to carbon emissions reductions has seen an iconic Melbourne hotel reduce its gas consumption by 25 per cent through the replacement of aging atmospheric boilers. According to the Cold Hard Facts 2 report prepared for the Australian Government in 2012, hotels use an estimated 12 per ... Read More


Prefabrication is the practice of assembling components offsite, and moving them to the building site where they are placed into position. While nothing new, the practice is an emerging one in the HVAC industry and the advantages are significant. Why build on site if you don’t have to? That’s the question ... Read More
EcoVac Category


Corrosion and system inefficiency are serious – yet easily avoidable - side-effects of gases found in cooling, heating and condenser systems.


It’s fitting that the emerging technology of phase change material is a key feature of the innovative new building at Swinburne University: the aptly-named Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre.
air in water


The problems associated with the presence of gases in heating, cooling and condenser water systems are significant, yet often overlooked. And alarmingly, new installations are just as much at risk as older systems. Oxygen. Hydrogen. Nitrogen. These are just three gases commonly found in the water of heating, cooling and ... Read More


Automatic Heating recently had the opportunity to assist Box Hill TAFE with the provision of a training pod for use in the Refrigeration and Climate Control Centre of Excellence at Box Hill Institute.