Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps for Hot Water and Heating

Hot Water Heat Pumps provide a highly efficient means of heating hot water for many commercial and industrial applications. Achieving an average COP of 4.2 means that the energy efficiency of Heat Pumps is over 4 times that of conventional water heaters.
Being powered by electricity means that Heat Pumps can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and allow us to take advantage of renewable energy in providing for our heating and hot water needs.

The advanced technology of our Heat Pumps also ensures optimal performance across a wide range of ambient temperatures which makes them suitable for all Australian conditions.

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REVERE CO₂ Air to Water Heat Pumps installed at an Aged Care Centre, servicing hydronic heating and domestic hot water needs.
Crane lifting prefab Hot Water System at Nightingale 2 project
A prefabricated heat pump package comprising two Revere CO₂ Heat Pumps with thermal storage tanks and a buffer tank, servicing the domestic hot water and the hydronic heating needs of the Nightingale 2 Project in Fairfield, Victoria.

Heat Pumps for Apartment Buildings

Utilising CO2 Heat Pumps for space and domestic hot water heating at Nightingale Housing Apartments.
The revolutionary Nightingale Housing projects utilize the eco-friendly and energy efficient CO2 heat pumps to help achieve their remarkable sustainability goals. With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 1, a CO2 Heat pump is 1800 times more environment friendly than a standard heat pump with R410A refrigerant.

Coupled with a buffer tank and Stainless Steel domestic hot water storage tanks, two 15 kW CO2 Heat Pump units provide heating and hot water for all the apartments.

With an average COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 3.9, the energy usage of these CO2 heat pumps is only ¼ of conventional electric water heaters and this technology also offers a 100% fossil free heating solution.

Heat Pumps for Aged Care Centres

Energy cost savings with CO2 Heat Pumps for hot water heating in Aged Care Facilities.
For a cleaner and greener heating solution, you can’t go past high efficiency, high temperature CO2 Heat Pumps. Combine that with the advantages of prefabricated engineering and you have an energy efficient heating system that can be deployed quickly and easily with no down time.

This is exactly the experience enjoyed by the team at a 90 room aged care facility in Beaconsfield, Victoria. An upgrade from LPG to an all electric heat pump system for both hot water and hydronic heating was seamless and hassle free.

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R410A heat pump
This Revere R410A Heat Pump provides an energy efficient all-electric heating system, producing hot water to heat four greenhouses.

Heating for Greenhouses

Using energy efficient Heat Pumps for heating greenhouses to extend the growing season.
Revere heat pumps can help plant growers sustainably and cost effectively heat their greenhouses. In this recent project we supplied our Revere R410A heat pump which was connected to a large thermal storage tank. The primary loop circulates the water between the heat pump and the tank to maintain a temperature of 45-50°C while the secondary pump circulates the hot water through the growing beds of four greenhouses. This all-electric hydronic heating system provides an energy efficient alternative to LPG or natural gas and can be scaled to meet any size commercial growing operation.

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