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Ready to take your understanding of heat pump technology to new heights? Welcome to The Training Pod – more than just a training program, it’s your hands-on exploration of cutting-edge CO2, R290, and high-temperature heat pumps.

Sharpen your knowledge of sustainable heating and hot water solutions, network with industry professionals, and gain practical experience that matters.

We’re now accepting bookings for individuals and teams alike. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to better equip yourself to guide your clients on their electrification journey.

The Electrification Journey

Automatic Heating offers sustainable eco-friendly water based heating and cooling solutions tailored for your project

As the industry embraces sustainability, Automatic Heating leads the way by offering innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact and enhance energy efficiency. Discover how Automatic Heating can empower your organisation with cutting-edge sustainable technologies, expert guidance, and a commitment to a greener future. Explore our Sustainable Solutions page and unlock the potential for a more sustainable and efficient future for your organisation.

Nightingale Housing founder, Jeremy McLeod discusses the challenges they faced integrating sustainable heating systems in their affordable housing projects and how Automatic Heating’s heat pump packages provided viable solutions. Read more about the Nightingale Housing projects.

Our Solutions

Carbon Neutral Heating for Commercial Buildings

Automatic Heating provides custom engineered high efficiency heating systems that help clients achieve cost savings and meet their carbon neutral objectives.
1. Monash Uni Building 48

Prefabricated Heating and Hot Water Package Systems

Prefabricated HVAC systems provide a great way to save time on site and ensure a smooth changeover with no interruption to the existing hot water supply.

Condensing and Conventional Water Heaters

With nearly a century in the industry, Automatic Heating has the knowledge, experience and customer-centric work ethic to operate successfully in today’s market. We specialize in Condensing Water Heaters & Boilers and commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). We also provide hands-on support and complete design assistance on a project-by-project basis.
Modulex condensing water heater-2

Technical Support and After Sales Service

Our commitment to you extends past the sales and design process and into the support phase where assistance from our Technical Design Team is available whenever you need it. Our objective is to use industry advancements in hydronics, HVAC, energy collection/generation and related fields to offer long service life, best-in-class performance, high energy efficiency and genuine commercial value.

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